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PICO Unity Integration SDKv2.5.0
Update time: 2024-03-11Size: 77.63MB
PICO Unity Integration SDK v2.x.x is the LTS release that supports the full series of PICO Neo3 and PICO 4 devices. For developing on these devices, SDK v2.x.x is recommended. Unity 2020.3.21 is the oldest and Unity 2022.3 is the latest version currently supported by the SDK. Legacy SDKs have been removed from the download page. Please contact developer support ( if you have any questions.
PICO Unity Live Preview Pluginv1.0.1
Update time: 2024-03-20Size: 3.34MB
From SDK version 2.1.4, the Preview Plugin is decoupled from the XR module as an independent plugin to provide preview service. Please use with the PDC & the latest version of SDK.
PICO Unity OpenXR SDKv1.2.0
Update time: 2023-12-14Size: 22.99MB
The PICO Unity OpenXR SDK is developed from the OpenXR standard by PICO. It provides a range of features, components, and scripts covering rendering, interaction, sensing, platform services, and more.
PICO Unity Avatar SDKv2.0.0
Update time: 2024-06-03Size: 135.83MB
The PICO Unity Avatar SDK is an official development kit that can integrate PICO avatars into applications. It supports avatar customization, animation, real-time IK, and rendering. Along with the Avatar Uploader and Avatar Asset Platform, it allows the use of third-party assets. Minimum requirements: Unity 2020.3, PICO OS 5.9.0.
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