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Stunning XR Headset Series
Create and continuously refine stunning XR headset Series
PICO 4 Series is the latest generation of the flagship PICO all-in-one VR headset, which brings a more intuitive. With a smaller screen and Pancake optics, a higher resolution screen, a front-facing HD color camera, and a wideband motor for more realistic vibration effects.
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Elegant PICO OS 5.0
New desktop streaming experience. Improved hand tracking Accuracy. Assist developers in development.
Why Developers Choose PICO
Listen to what these developers have to say
Paul Brady
President of Resolution Games
It's such an exciting time in the industry and great to see Pico putting so much into it. Their focus on MR aligns well with ours at Resolution Games as well, as we see this as a major step in the future of games.
Alastair Burns
Operations Lead, Vertigo Studios Rotterdam
Working with the teams at PICO is a real pleasure. The hardware is slick, capable and competitive. As a VR only games studio and publisher, this is a must for Vertigo - and you can clearly see the effort that the tech teams at PICO place in their hardware and SDK development to push the boundaries of VR gaming. Match that with a super-solid, knowledgeable development and business oriented support team that care about us, understand and enable our ambition... and the whole package comes together. VR, it's a wickedly exciting ride and we're very happy to be on that journey with PICO.
Jaime Pichardo
Business Director, Odders Lab
When PICO first introduced their Neo 3 headset, we at Odders Lab were right there alongside them, eager to publish our first title, OhShape. PICO back then? A dynamic and passionate team with a vision to transform the VR landscape. And boy, have they succeeded! Three years later, they've morphed into a leading figure in the VR world. More than a business associate, PICO has been a trusted companion in our creative journey. Now, as we plan each exciting new title, PICO remains one of our go-to allies for the success of our studio
Howard Lee
Founder & CEO of Appnori Inc
The fresh impact of first encountering the PICO Neo3 still lingers in my memory. At a time when we were disappointed with the performance of other standalone VR devices, PICO VR struck us with a sense of stability, akin to listening to a soothing symphony. This assured us that PICO VR was worth taking a chance on with our game. PICO is now our most important partner, and we are committed to pioneering the future of VR gaming together.
XR Capabilities
The core capabilities for bringing XR experiences to life
Provide XR rendering capabilities based on PICO hardware and software, including startup animation, screen switching, fixation point rendering, AppSW, VR composition layer (transparent transmission), multi-view rendering, anti-aliasing and other capabilities
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Spatial Audio
Provide spatial audio plug-ins, you can feel richer and more spatial sound effects in the XR world, and spatial audio rendering gives the sound a stronger sense of space
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Mixed Reality
Provides Mixed Reality Apps Development Kit with capabilities such as environmental perspective, spatial anchors, and more for developing MR Apps or adding mixed reality modes to VR Apps
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Input & Tracking
Based on PICO hardware, it provides rich input and tracking capabilities, including head control, 6Dof controller, vibration feedback, hand tracking, eye tracking, face tracking, body tracking and other capabilities
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Enable developers to utilize OS Avatars in their own applications. Based on the tracking capabilities of hardware to facilitate interactions between people and objects, thereby enhancing the multiplayer or single-player interactive experience within their own applications.
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Platform Services
Modular, plug-and-use social interaction and game service. Diversify your app experience and enhance app engagement
Accounts & Friends
Use the Account & Friends service to get user info of the currently logged-in user and his friends list, providing a basic social interaction experience for users.
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Use the leaderboard service to display users' rankings from multiple dimensions in the game, which can give rise to a competitive atmosphere among users, and therefore increase app engagement.
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Use the achievement service to build a "positive feedback mechanism" in the game, and increase user motivation by setting a series of tasks and prizes.
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In-App Purchase
Use the in-app purchase service to sell virtual items such as IAP, DLC and memberships in the app. The service included AliPay, bank card, Paypal and other payment methods.
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Resource Download
View developer documentation, download development tools, and access technical support from the PICO Developer Forum
Resource Download
Download the latest version of SDK, development tools and other resources needed for app development
Explore guides, API reference, and policies related to the design, development, and distribution of PICO XR apps
Developer Forum
Connect with fellow developers and PICO's technical support team to collaborate, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues you may encounter.